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Become an adventurer and discover the secrets of The Kingdom Of Nor. Adventure and Search for new lands. Brings joy, glory, rights, and fame.

The combination of platforming and role-playing creates an incredibly fun fantasy game. An adventure in the deep forest with extremely wonderful scenery. Make friends, explore castles. Jump on the platforms and find the secrets.

Players will go on an adventure by escaping from the cold cave based on the laws of movement of all things.

The first scene that opens is a dark image in a cave where the soul of a lonely tower got lost here many years ago. And the magician is waiting for someone to save him. The player plays the role of an explorer who also fell into the cave and now no longer knows who he is or why he is here. This is what causes curiosity for lonely souls. The spirit suggested to the explorer that at the top of the cave there was an escape gate that would lead to The Kingdom Of Nor where there would be many people to support him. This prompted the adventurer to begin his journey to find himself.

Players will move to the gates to find a way out. Interact with the kingdom's characters to get their help.

There are surprises coming from the clouds, try to discover them.

Move quickly and skillfully to avoid having the platforms crush you.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use the Z key to interact with the kingdom's characters.
  • Use the E key to open and close the inventory.
  • Tap on the ports to be taken to the next sections.