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Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure

Become a super thief and search for valuable diamonds in the game Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure. Take out the guards and find a way out.

Bob The Robber 5 is the 5th adventure in the life of the character Bob. This time the game takes place in an ancient temple with many precious objects but contains lifeless mummies and strange creatures.

Bob's goal this time is to explore the temple and find the world's most valuable diamond. This is an extremely difficult task because there were thieves with sophisticated skills who also left the body at the temple. That's why everyone has been placing their trust in Bob. Hopefully, Bob will have a top performance worthy of the Super Thief name.

To get the expected results, players need to prepare everything from physical strength, mental strength, and mental strength combined with meticulous observation and agile steps.

Players need to make a perfect plan for how to move to the places to explore first. How to face each guard and how to dodge lasers and alarms. Determine the exact moment to take action to avoid being caught immediately.

Get keys and elevator codes to open secret rooms and discover hidden valuables.

How to play

  • Move: Use A/D keys or left and right arrow keys.
  • To unlock and interact with the character: Use the spacebar.