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Bob The Robber 3 is a noble and important new mission for Bob. Wear a mask and sneak into the top-secret base. Steal money and collect secret documents.

Bob The Robber 3 will bring more difficult and dangerous challenges when facing soldiers equipped with advanced weapons. Smart security camera system and tightly locked doors. But Bob is still ready to carry out important tasks with a courageous spirit and a willingness to face challenges. The actions are still very sophisticated and strategic.

Bod's goal is to break into the military base to discover secret documents and steal money. Completing the mission will quickly move to the exit door and advance to a higher level.

The task that Bob needs to do is to carry out an extremely difficult robbery. Avoid security cameras, hide in the shadows, and choose the right opportunity to move to a safe place. Take down gun-toting guards and unlock rooms to find a way out.

To have an excellent heist, Bob must win 3 stars. There needs to be a clear strategy. This is shown through Bob's every move, how to find gadgets and disable devices. Choose to cut the camera wire or cut the alarm bell wire. The outcome of the adventure depends on the character's choices.


  • The game is built with new locations.
  • Noble and difficult task.
  • Smarter devices.
  • Difficulty in unlocking the exit door.
  • The risk of being captured by soldiers is higher.

How to play

Use arrow keys.