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General information about Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber is the first version of the game series of the same name. You have to assist Bob in robbing different places in the city without being busted.

Developer and release date

On September 16, 2011, Flazm which is an Indie Game Studio published this game. It was actually created by Meow Beast. It quickly amassed millions of players from all over the world and thousands of compliments because of its fresh and addictive gameplay. As an HTML game, this game is playable on different types of devices, so the players can easily access it. After the success of this first version, the developer developed more versions. Currently, the Bob The Robber series is really well-known in the gaming community. The creator has also always updated new features for all installments in this game series. This is a key that helps the game win the hearts of the players.

The prologue

This game is about a little boy called Bob. From a young age, Bob knew his destiny. He wants to become the best robber in the world. Therefore, he spent years learning his trade and trained hard. His robbing skills have improved a lot. However, he still has no chance to show off his talent. One day, when he was reading a newspaper, he found that the Big Thuggin and New Mayor cooperated. Therefore, he decided to rob different places in the city to find evidence related to their cooperation. If he can find the evidence, Big Thuggin and the New Mayor will be imprisoned. This is a worthy task to begin his crusade. Before starting the task, he came up with a great plan. Play the game and let's see what he will do.

Your mission of Bob The Robber

Sneaking into the rooms

When playing this game, you will transform into Bob. You need to sneak into different places to find evidence related to the cooperation of Big Thuggin and the New Mayor. You need to enter different rooms secretly. Note that these rooms are locked, so you need to hold an up arrow key to unlock them. If you want to enter the elevator, you need to find its password first. Moreover, if you want to go through laser doors safely, you need to rewire the controlling system.

You need to be careful because there are many security cameras, training dogs, training robots, and guards in the rooms. When you are spotted, the alarming light at the top of the screen will light up and the alarm bell will ring. You should be quick to hide anywhere to avoid getting caught. Be patient to wait for the alarm ring to stop ringing and continue your task. If you are noticed five times, you will be busted.

Stealing objects

Your target in this game is to rob the materials that prove that Big Thuggin and New Mayor cooperated. They are hidden in a secret room. You need to find a way to steal them as soon as possible. Afterward, you must try to get out of this place safely to complete the level. Furthermore, you also need to steal the money whenever sneaking into a room. The money hides in the boxes, so you need to press an up arrow key to steal them. Attempt to steal as much money as possible at each level.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow or A-D keys to guide Bob to move left or right.

Press the up-down or W-S keys to go up or down the stairs.

Press an up or W key to control Bob to rob the objects, open the doors, rewire the controlling system unit, hide in the shadow, and read the paper.

Press the spacebar to disable the robots or attack other people.

All dangers in Bob The Robber

The training robots

These robots appear at Level 1. It moves along the programmed path. Moreover, they cannot activate the alarm when they see you, so you do not need to worry too much when encountering them. If you want to deactivate them, you just need to press an up arrow key to deactivate the training robots.

The training guards

You should distinguish between three types of guards. They are training guards, policemen, and butlers. The training guards are the powerful men wearing black clothes. They will punch you when they see you. Meanwhile, the policemen will use their police bats to attack you. Therefore, you need to knock them out before they do that. Finally, the butlers are men wearing suits. When they see you, they will scream and the alarm bell will ring.

The dogs

The dogs are trained and walk back and forth in the room. If they see you, they will run and catch you. At this time, you have no way to knock them out. If you do not want to lose, you should attack the dogs from behind. They will faint for seconds. Then, they will wake up and continue to walk around the room.

The security cameras

The cameras are set up in many rooms. You can see them swapping between left and right. If you appear in the detection zone of the cameras, the cameras will set off an alarm. Note that you cannot disable the cameras. If you don't want to be detected by the cameras, you should hide in the shadows. Another way is to run fast through the detection zone and then enter another room.

Effective Tactics for Successful Heists in Bob The Robber

Start with looking around the environment

Before starting your robbery mission, you should take the time to thoroughly assess the environment. You need to identify the position of security cameras, training robots, guards, and dogs first. Then, you need to be quick to come up with a plan for potential escape routes and hiding spots.

Observe the patterns of the guards and cameras

Almost all security measures in this game follow specific patterns. Therefore, you can completely observe and try to understand their movements. You should be patient and wait for them to turn back and attack them. Or you should identify the blind spots to avoid being recognized. Moreover, you should prepare a backup plan because your initial route can be compromised. You should find alternate paths that help you navigate the building unnoticed.

Be patient when being noticed

When you are spotted and the guards are on high alert or alarms, you should be patient to find a hiding place instead of standing still. Don't worry because you are just busted when the guards detect you five times. This is also a final strategy that helps to raise your chances of success.

All levels in Bob The Robber

This interesting game packs 5 interesting levels and missions. In each level, you must sneak into a distinct level. At Level 1, you must steal the objects on a farm. Meanwhile, Level 2 takes place in a jewelry store. At level 2, you will enter the office of the New Mayor secretly to steal his materials. At level 3, your destination is a bar. Finally, at Level 5, you need to steal the materials of Big Thuggin in a large casino. The levels in this game are different in terms of not only their maps but also the degrees of difficulty. As you move to the higher levels, you will encounter new challenges, more guards, security cameras, dogs, and obstacles that demand adaptability and improved strategies. This requires you to think strategically and plan Bob's movements carefully to complete each level without being caught. After completing all levels in this game, you can submit your game score. In general, all levels in this game are interesting, but I wish the creator could update more levels.

How does Bob The Robber steal my heart?

It is possible to say that this is my favorite game because of these reasons. Firstly, the gameplay of this game is captivating and strikes a perfect balance between stealthy movements and strategic planning. The satisfaction of successfully outsmarting security systems and completing missions undetected is immensely rewarding. Secondly, the controls are fairly fluid and I can use any device to play this game. Furthermore, the storyline of this game is truly engaging. The story tells me that Bob is not an evil robber. Instead, he is a good robber who always wants to expose the crimes of bad people in the city. In addition, the graphics in this game are bright and cartoony. I laughed when I saw the expressions of the guards who detected me in the act. They are truly amazed. Finally, the sound effects and music are catchy and help to enhance the overall atmosphere and mood of a game. I think this game can be played by players of all ages and it is friendly with kids. Therefore, the parents can let their kids play the game to entertain after a hard studying day.


In a nutshell, when there are more and more stealth games created, Bob The Robber is still an outstanding choice. It is pretty enjoyable, and creative, and embodies all the things you'd expect from the stealth gaming genre. Whether you're a fan of stealth games or enjoy puzzle-solving with a touch of strategy, Bob The Robber is a stealthy delight that deserves a spot in your gaming collection. With its intuitive controls, progressively challenging levels, and immersive atmosphere, the game keeps players hooked and eager to embark on Bob's daring heists.