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2020 Connect is an extremely addictive number-merging game. Immerse yourself in the world of mathematics and create fun explosions of the same numbers.

2020 Connect is a game by manufacturer Agame. Officially announced and released in June 2024. The game is inspired by attractive games such as Merge Fruits, Merge Pizza, and 2048. With 2020 Connect, it is a world with numbers. Players will make fun explosions when successfully merging numbers of the same value.

Merge numbers and create explosions

  • Players will use the mouse to move numbers with the same value into the same area. Exploding sounds will be heard when 4 identical numbers are merged together.
  • The map appears with empty locations. Players need a strategy to create as many empty slots as possible by merging quickly and accurately. Moving numbers too many times without being able to merge results in numbers appearing continuously. When the empty positions are filled, the game is over.

How to play

Players just need to use the mouse to move the numbers. It is necessary to have a plan and strategy for the merger to be most successful.