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Enjoy idle gameplay together to create Capybaras in the exciting game Capybara Clicker. Unlock all the different weather skins and upgrade useful items.

Why do idle games appear so much but are not boring? From candy production, cake production, energy source production, and now the version of creating Capybaras with the Capybara Clicker game. What makes it so attractive? Perhaps the gameplay is extremely simple but brings entertainment and relieves stress extremely well. Eye-catching graphics with special character designs. Many rewards and many useful items.

Tasks when playing Capybara Clicker

Using manual or automatic clicking to create as many capybaras as possible is the goal of the game. Use the points earned to buy and upgrade items that can create huge numbers of capybaras.

Features when pressed manually

  • Cursor: Each click creates a capybara.
  • Mr Clicker: Each click will generate 5 capybaras.
  • President Clicker: Each click will generate 100 capybaras.
  • King Clicker: Each click will generate 1000 capybaras.
  • Emperor Clicker: Each click will generate 9000 capybaras.
  • Pope Clicker: Each click will generate 90000 capybaras.
  • God Clicker: Each click will generate 100000 capybaras.
  • The Clicker: Each click will generate 2000000 capybaras.
  • Capybara Sun: Each click will generate 1200000000 capybaras.

Features when clicking automatically

  • Auto click: Every second will create a capybara.
  • Capybaras Farm: Every second will generate 6 capybaras.
  • Capybara Pump: Every second will create 200 capybaras.
  • Capybara Factory: Every second will create 5000 capybaras.
  • Capybara Pyramid: Every second will create 100000 capybaras.
  • Capybara temple: Every second will create 200000 capybaras.
  • Capybara Power Plant: Every second will generate 15000000 capybaras.
  • Capybara Earth: Every second will create 60000000 capybaras.
  • Capybara Galaxy: Every second will generate 30000000000 capybaras.

Each game mode will give you different experiences. Choose to play them all to enjoy the great things the game has to offer.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.