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Happy Wheels is an obstacle course driving game. Control the vehicle through complex terrain and avoid injuring the character during the entire journey.

Happy Wheels creates opportunities for players to access many different means of transportation. Face a variety of obstacles and where players can show their bravery. The ability to control vehicles, the ability to handle situations, and the ability to overcome bloody challenges.

Happy Wheels was released by Jim Bonacci in June 2010. The game was received by gamers with great excitement because of its special gaming experiences.

Players face fierce challenges

The task in Happy Wheels is to control the character to drive different means of transport. With the goal of overcoming obstacles such as spikes, mines, and saw blades to reach the finish line with your body intact.

Obstacles can cause bodily injury and bloodshed. But with steadfastness and calmness, players will be able to handle all dangerous situations on the road.

Happy Wheels offers a variety of special features

  • Multiple characters control different vehicles. Maybe the wheelchair guy, the Segway Guy, or the irresponsible father. Each character has different personalities and skills that players need to explore.
  • Happy Wheels has physics-based gameplay. Traps and dangers accompanying the movement of vehicles require players to have good skills to overcome.

Tips and tricks to conquer Happy Wheels

  • When you first start approaching the game, you should go slowly and observe carefully.
  • Don't skip levels and characters.
  • Master all the rules for easy game control.

How to play

  • Use the up arrow to accelerate
  • Use the down arrow to slow down
  • Use the right arrow to lean forward
  • Use the left arrow to lean back
  • Press the Z key to abandon the vehicle
  • Press SPACEBAR to return
  • Use CTRL/SHIFT to perform other operations.