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One Escape is an extremely difficult prison escape of Dook, Gor, and Hog after a failed bank robbery. Make a detailed strategy to complete the game's 60 levels.

The perfect combination of strategy and skill creates an incredibly thrilling escape game. To successfully escape from prison is a training process, a 100 percent effort of strength and intelligence. We are lost in the virtual world where there are 3 characters Dook, Gor, and Hog. Together, find a way to escape the complicated maze.

The ultimate goal is to escape from the dungeon by any means. With 60 levels arranged everywhere with a variety of challenges, players need to find every way to overcome them.

Players make strategic jumps. Determining when to jump is important for players to reach platforms and overcome obstacles. Using the J key skillfully helps the escape process take less time.

Flexible movement with A/D keys or left/right arrow keys helps players make effective moves.

Prison escape strategy

  • Build a plan with detailed moves as well as each action.
  • Cooperate and unite with teammates to escape.
  • Adapt quickly to each situation.
  • Control and use energy appropriately.

How to play

  • Move: Use A/D keys or left/right arrow keys.
  • Jump: Use the J key.