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Welcome to the thrilling adventure called Temple Run. Play as an explorer to conquer complex terrains and collect antiques as well as escape from monsters.

Temple Run is an endless running game developed by Imangi. The world of Temple Run is dense forests, hanging cliffs, and paths full of traps that the explorer must overcome. But in return, the graphics are super beautiful. The mountains become majestic, the roads light up with very realistic scenery. It creates an extremely powerful source of motivation for players to collect gold coins and escape from the pursuit of giant monsters.

The explorer's mission

  • Players discover the ancient world and begin their journey to explore ancient tombs. A place containing many secrets that have not yet been revealed. It could be huge treasure troves or mummies from thousands of years old. But to penetrate this forbidden area and get the treasure, the player must overcome the monster guarding the temples.
  • With the ability to react quickly, skillfully, and flexibly. Explorers will cross rivers, ravines, fires, and countless obstacles to escape the pursuit of monsters.
  • To maintain energy and upgrade yourself as well as increase your score, players need to collect coins scattered on the road.

The benefits that Temple Run brings

  • Ability to react quickly and move flexibly and skillfully.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of super beautiful 3D graphics. Players will be drawn into a majestic space of mountains and rivers. It is as magnificent as a palace.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move. Need to be agile and skillful to escape the lurking dangers.