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Cats Drop is a game that creates a kingdom of adorable cats with larger sizes and brighter colors. Create the most cats and don't let them fall out of the box.

Cats Drop is a game with simple mechanics, but once you get started, players will realize that this is a game with a lot of depth. This creates a strong attraction that attracts players to spend hours exploring and immersing themselves in the world of cute cats.

The goal determined at the start of the game is to set a new score record. Create a variety of cats ranging in size from small to large and cats must not fall out of the box.

The player will drop the cat into the box. Combine 2 identical cats to create another cat with a larger weight. When the cat falls into the box it will bounce if it hits another cat. So there needs to be a strategy or trick to create explosive consolidations. Sometimes you just need to put the cat in the corner, but the movements inside the box change the position of the cat. This unintentionally creates a combination of similar cats. The score achieved will also be higher.

How to play

Use the mouse.