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Fly, jump, and slide with stickmen in the exciting platform game OvO Dimensions. Conquer all obstacles with reflex skills and flexible body movements.

OvO Dimensions is a game with tremendous appeal because of its special and very meticulous character image creation. The game's content is extremely high quality with thousands of levels and unlimited challenges. In addition, there are benefits that the game brings such as training reflex skills, courage to face difficulties, determining goals, and planning to complete them.

The player's goal is to discover his own limits by completing all levels of the game no matter how difficult and challenging it is.

The given task is to role-play as a stickman character. Using your skills such as flexible and dexterous movement, the ability to jump walls, fly and slide to conquer obstacles, collect coins, and reach the finish line safely.

Every action needs to be decisive and precise. Master the speed and control of the game.

Tips to conquer the game

  • Every move requires calculation.
  • Concentrate highly when moving.
  • Jumps and slides need to be precise and decisive.
  • Look around to find the safest way to move.
  • Determine goals at each level.

How to control

Use arrow keys.