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Circle The Cat is a game of catching the cat by creating a trap around it. Use strategy and intelligence to create a closed circle and don't let the cat escape.

Circle The Cat is a puzzle game based on intelligence, strategy, and judgment. The image built is of a very smart cat, it is in a matrix with many empty spaces that are round holes. Cats can move freely in that matrix and escape outside. The player's task is to create a circle around the cat so that it cannot move out of the matrix.

It sounds simple, but players fail continuously if they do not have a strategy and judgment.

Basic tips to trap cats

  • Choosing to draw a circle away from the cat, the player can predict the cat's next move.
  • Creating a wide and closed circle will increase your chances of winning the challenge.
  • Corner the cat by repeatedly drawing circles until the cat has nowhere left to jump.
  • Players need to concentrate and use logical judgment.

How to play

The gameplay is extremely simple. Trap the cat by using the mouse to click on the dots to create a closed circle.