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Explore the ocean and participate in the fish's struggle for survival in the game Fish Eat Fish. Make your body grow bigger by eating all the fish.

Fish Eat Fish takes players into a race to reach the top 1 in the world rankings. With a newly updated version with careful investment in content, sound, and graphics, it is guaranteed to create a fever for gamers who are passionate about this game genre.

With extremely easy gameplay, players only need to use the mouse to control the fish moving in the ocean and eating smaller fish and plankton. The ultimate goal is to become the king of fish with a giant body size.

The player's task is to control the fish to consume sea creatures, avoid larger fish, and be ready to fight other fish.

A chaotic world of colorful creatures under the ocean, your fish will clean it all up.

Tips and tricks

  • Determine your goals and complete them within the time allowed.
  • Continuously monitor your rankings to find solutions to improve your rankings on the rankings. Be careful not to collide with the pink octopus. It will cause your rankings to drop quickly.
  • Use an energy bar when needed. Please use it in life-threatening situations.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.