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Create golden eggs and fight zombie chickens in the fierce survival game Bad Egg. Fight bravely and fiercely to develop your skills. Unlock rewards and weapons.

Bad Egg opens a fierce battlefield where life and death become fragile. A place where only bombs can be seen and gunshots can be heard. The game is not simply ordinary entertainment, but it is a fight for survival. Coming to the Bad Egg arena is a great opportunity to gain experience, practice skills, and develop to a new level. It is a place to practice perseverance and courage to fight enemies.

The player plays the role of an egg carrying a gun on his shoulder and shooting bullets at the Zombie chickens that are attacking from many directions. The goal is to stay alive, unlock rewards, and upgrade weapons.

Every action needs to be precise and quick. Prepare a spirit of steel to face difficulties. While observing, moving, and shooting at the cunning chickens. Use the strategy of running out of danger when necessary.

How to play

  • Move with arrow keys.
  • Use the mouse to shoot.