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Battleship Online is an action game with the mission of destroying enemy warships. Use strategy combined with missile control to take down 6 enemy warships.

Battleship Online has been extremely hot recently. It is an action game that combines strategic thinking. Regarding the playing mechanism, it is not too difficult, but to win and master the game, players need a long process of training.

The goal is set very briefly and clearly: you need to control your warship in combination with available weapons to destroy the remaining warships. When all enemy warships are completely destroyed, you will be the winner.

Opportunity to challenge with classic mode and advanced mode of Battleship Online

  • Classic mode: Players must show their own abilities because this mode has no support. Win thanks to your luck and thinking. Players need to find enemy warships by shooting at the squares.
  • Advanced mode: In this mode, you have 2 supports: Radar and aircraft. These 2 support items help players find enemy warships in the fastest and easiest way.

Tips to conquer Battleship Online

  • Take advantage of all your available abilities to stop your opponents. Rotating warships in different directions if space allows is an extremely useful ability that you should not ignore.
  • You will score points if you hit an enemy warship. Take advantage of the money you earn to buy useful items for battle as well as upgrade your ship.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.