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Candy Rain 8 is a game of matching similar candies in rows or columns to create a candy rain. Explore 8 different versions with increasing levels.

Candy Rain 8 is a perfect version of Softgame- Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH. It is confirmed as one of the best Match 3 games of all time, worthy to explore and conquer. The game was officially released on December 4, 2023. It created a global craze and is suitable for all ages because of its simple gameplay mechanics combined with extremely bright graphics.

Enter the world of sweets with colorful candies. Make the candies disappear by matching all the same candies into rows or columns. Match at least 3 identical candies to create a killing effect. Complete each level's goal within the allowed number of moves.

Candy Rain 8 is a premium version because the levels are more diverse and rich in candies, cakes, and many money chests.

Create Line Blast candy by matching 4 identical candies. Match the two seams on the third candy to create a cross-blast candy.

What's even better is matching mismatched Line Blast and Cross Blast candies to eliminate big blocks of candy. These great features create a completely different Candy Rain 8.

How to play

Use the mouse.