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Clean The Ocean is an extremely meaningful game with the mission of protecting the ocean. Pick up trash and clean up oil spills to create a healthy ecosystem.

As the economy increasingly develops and the industry changes dramatically, the environment becomes increasingly polluted. The ecosystem is gradually being disrupted by negative impacts. The ocean is also a place that needs to heal the wounds caused by garbage, oil spills, and countless toxic substances discharged into the sea. So Azerion Casual Games has released the extremely meaningful game Clean The Ocean. helps people wake up and take quick action to protect this earth. It also helps future generations have a creative mindset and know how to appreciate and protect the good things that Mother Nature bestows.

The player's task is to drive the ship into the ocean, and overcome obstacles and challenges to clear the sea.

Collect all kinds of waste thrown everywhere, sort them for recycling, or take them to the place where they need to be decomposed.

In addition, please remove oil spills from the sea, it will help protect the lives of creatures in the ocean safely.

Are you ready to play this meaningful game? Choose Clean The Ocean now to bring great things to this planet.

How to play

Use the mouse or arrow keys to play.