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Explore a colorful rainbow world with Color Rush. Move the ball skillfully to color the invisible wall and create a picture with a harmonious whole.

What is Color Rush? It is like an exciting adventure playing with colors in an invisible background. A unique game with continuous changes in color creating eye-catching effects. A journey contains many opportunities along with challenges and risks.

The task that players need to perform when participating in Color Rush is to navigate the ball rolling through invisible platforms. Overcome barriers and obstacles to create unique streaks of color. Conquer as long a distance as possible.

Players need to practice quick reaction skills and move skillfully because the road has too many traps that we cannot know in advance. Jump from one platform to another flexibly. Avoid letting the ball fall into the abyss or hit the ceiling.

The brightly colored roads that appear will be the result of a process of continuous effort and high concentration when playing Color Rush.

Tips to play

  • Concentrate while playing.
  • Move and observe at the same time.
  • Make quick and decisive jumps.
  • Stay calm in all situations.

How To Conquer The Game

  • Use arrow keys.