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Cover Orange is a game of Protecting oranges from sudden hailstorms. With intelligence and observation, arrange objects properly to complete the task.

The Cover Orange game is built in the context of overcast skies and nasty hailstorms appearing one after another. It destroys oranges with cold water. Falling stones cause great damage to the orange. With subtle observation and the ability to make reasonable arrangements. Players will protect this weak but lovely orange. Let the orange burst into laughter when protected instead of shivering from the cold when caught in hail.

The gameplay is very simple, just use the mouse to move objects and drop them in suitable positions to prevent hail from falling on the orange. The game requires intelligence because at higher levels the challenges will be more difficult, requiring calculation skills and dexterity. Just make the wrong move and you will fail in your noble mission.

Are you ready for the task of creating a safe haven for your oranges? Challenge yourself and find your limits with the Cover Orange game

How to play

Use the mouse.