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Craft Drill is a game of finding and mining treasure using a drill. Collect underground resources including coal, gold, silver, and diamonds to become rich.

Craft Drill takes players on an underground adventure. Where there are many valuable mineral resources that need to be exploited. With just the drill, players will collect all these resources. It helps you become the richest mineral miner in the world.

The exciting game Craft Drill was developed by Alex HK and officially announced on January 19, 2024. With the criteria of bringing interesting things that are highly entertaining and suitable for the player's tendency to like to explore. Craft Drill has been received by everyone with an extremely excited spirit.

The player's task is very simple, just pick up the drill and explore underground. It is important to find the right target and drill to locations with minerals such as coal, iron, zinc, lead, gold, silver, and especially diamonds. It is necessary to combine the use of additional tools such as hoes and shovels in special cases. Change the strategy appropriately to make exploitation effective.

Features of the game

  • Exploit a variety of resources.
  • Upgrade the drill to make mining more efficient.
  • Create a smart mining strategy.
  • Simple gameplay.

Are you ready to become a mineral mining tycoon? Go deep underground and discover all the secrets.

How to play Craft Drill

Use the mouse and arrow keys.