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Crush It All! is a game of crushing objects on the road with flipping and jumping action. Make precise moves to score points and reach the finish line safely.

Crush It All! is an exciting and fun journey where players can enjoy jumping to crush objects on the way. Simple action but highly entertaining. The game also demonstrates quick reaction skills and the ability to judge dangerous factors to take timely actions.

After quite a long period of research and development with all the investment in brain matter, the game Crush It All! was officially announced by Seryas Games company. It deserves to be an addictive game for everyone and brings elements of adventure, entertainment, and skill training.

Players perform very simple actions of just jumping and flipping to break all the scattered and messy objects on the road. These are fruits, bottles, crayons, and emojis. The ultimate goal is to score points and get on the winner's podium with a golden star.

No victory is easy with many challenges. The difficulty of Crush It All! is fire and boiling water. Jump over it perfectly to ensure your life and be able to progress to higher levels.

How to play

Use the mouse: Tap to start.