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Play as a fictional cat with the ability to fake his own death in the game Dual Cat. Overcome difficult challenges with special abilities to find the fish.

Dual Cat is a game built in a laboratory full of obstacles. Belongs to the puzzle platform game genre with the main character being a cat with the ability to skillfully play dead. With this special ability, the cat will be able to carry out the mission of rescuing his feline friend who is being held captive.

The cat is kidnapped by a group of robots and locked in a laboratory. To survive and escape prison, cats need to develop their existing abilities. Use the skill of feigning death flexibly to escape lurking dangers.

In each level, overcoming obstacles to collect stars and eat fish is the task that needs to be completed. Enemies attack continuously and like ghosts. Cats need to use their special abilities in these situations. Pretend to be dead to survive and then quickly move to a safe place.

Tips for playing

  • Flexibly use the special ability to fake death.
  • Determine exactly when to move.
  • Move quickly once out of danger.
  • Stay focused to complete the challenge.

How to play

  • To move: Use A/D keys or left/right arrow keys.
  • Disable Power: Use the F key.
  • Restart: Use the R key.