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Earth Taken 3 is a fight against aliens and survival in the Earth's volatile and toxic ecosystem. Find every way to escape and save humanity.

Earth Taken 3 is a terrible day when humans face the risk of extinction. Because the earth where life exists is being drastically changed. The ecosystem is being affected when aliens appear. The air was polluted and people were enslaved. Here a vital fight will take place to ensure the lives and save other prisoners being held.

Earth Taken 3 is set in a gloomy setting with extremely pitiful images of prisoners of war being held. They were hanging high and seemed to be lacking air to breathe. How to save them now?

You are the one with the highest survival ability, on a mission to find a way out to escape the prison. Fight with guards and rescue teammates.

The air is polluted and you need to monitor the amount of radiation to use medicine promptly. Find additional energy sources and provide food for seriously injured people. Fight enemies to steal their ammo and weapons.

Can you create a miracle with your mission to save the world? All will be available in Earth Taken 3.

How to play

  • Move: Use arrow keys.
  • Interaction: Use the spacebar.
  • Shoot: Use key A.
  • Jump: Use the S key.
  • Reload weapon: Use the R key.
  • Change weapon: Use the Q key.
  • Eat: Use the E key.
  • Anti-radiation: Use the X key.

How to play