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Satisfy the food cravings of different characters in the Eating Simulator game. Choose food to meet each individual's needs throughout the game's 33 levels.

Eat Simulator takes players into a strange world with a variety of characters and different dietary needs. A world filled with food, but satisfying diners is not simple. Be adventurous with epic parties and fill empty stomachs with the food they love.

Eat Simulator is built with fun physics-based 2D graphics that put entertainment first. Enjoy the exciting background music and have fun completing quirky challenges.

The goal given to the player is to use the mouse and rely on intuitive physics to get food into the characters' mouths. The food selected must suit each person's dietary needs.

Babies need to drink milk, birds eat nuts, men eat cakes, ducks eat fish...

The game is not simply about putting food into the characters' mouths, which are very wide open, but it also challenges players to get and deliver food accurately to the final destination. Because the food containers are very small and the journey to bring the food from the tray to the character's mouth has many turns, requiring the player to be skillful and need a few sophisticated tricks.

Players need to shake the food so that it changes direction from horizontal to vertical, this will make it easier to get the food through narrow slots.

In addition, you can move small portions of food instead of taking all of the food at once.

Are you ready for exciting challenges in the Eating Simulator? If you're wondering anymore, just explore the game right away.


  • 2D Graphics but extremely attractive.
  • Attractive background music is suitable for each context.
  • The levels are different creating different challenges.
  • Skills are trained and developed dramatically.

How to play

Use the mouse.