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Unleash your energy and run endlessly to escape all dangers in Flood Runner 4. Accelerate to race against time and escape the monster's fury.

Flood Runner 4 is a fierce race of tiny heroes. With the purpose of escaping the hunt of the very hungry T-rex monster who wants to crush this little guy.

To survive, our hero needs to run as fast as the wind and react quickly to obstacles. Collect coins while ensuring your safety against nature's anger with boiling lava tornadoes. Just jump at the wrong time and you will fall and be engulfed by lava.

Speed and agility are key factors that determine the outcome of the game. Flood Runner 4 offers exciting experiences in a dynamic and challenging environment. Motivating you to develop continuously and courageously face all difficulties with a confident mind.

Flood Runner 4 offers 30 levels from easy to difficult. Feel free to explore your own abilities and release the energy that is still hidden. Try to run as fast as possible to complete the given goal.

Are you ready for a fierce race to find freedom? Join the Flood Runner 4 adventure on our website.

How To Play

Use arrow keys to play.