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Grapple Pig is a game of discovering treasure and facing strange creatures in the dungeon. Complete the challenges in 20 seconds and collect all the rewards.

Grapple Pig takes players to a strange space. It is an underground dungeon where darkness and monsters reign. This place contains a lot of treasures that players need to collect. Facing the challenges of time, players must also overcome the fear brought by the creatures.

The goal of this game is to play the role of an extremely adorable pig. Move quickly through winding tunnels, destroy monsters by throwing iron wires at opponents, and quickly grab the treasure within the time limit. With ghosts, sometimes you need to avoid them but sometimes you need to attack them. Observe and take correct actions.

Explore all the tunnels to collect gift chests, but prioritize paths with many rewards and few obstacles. Hook throws need to be decisive to have solid moves.

Special features

  • The speed is very fast because there are only 200 seconds to perform the task.
  • The challenges range from throwing hooks at creatures to grappling and dodging monsters.
  • Music with a fast tempo creates tension.

Game tips and tricks

  • Combine getting treasure chests and fighting monsters but giving priority to getting treasure.
  • Choose solid positions to throw iron hooks.
  • Attacking monsters needs to be decisive and agile.
  • Do not move on difficult roads with many obstacles. This will take time and the number of treasure chests collected will be small.

How to play

Use the mouse.