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Enjoy amazing graphics and sounds in the endless racing track Magic Dash. Get ready to overcome traps, and collect gems with the adorable square character.

Eye-catching graphics and vivid sounds create the special features of Magic Dash. From the sounds of birds chirping, the sounds coming from jumping or clicking when the block is broken are really realistic. Create a real scene, not a virtual one. An endless race without stopping with obstacles will motivate players to discover new things.

Running, jumping to explore the excitement of the endless road, and scoring high scores are the goals that players want to achieve when participating in this challenge.

Role-play as a geometric cube with running, jumping, and sliding to overcome obstacles on the yellow path. The moment of deciding to act will directly affect the outcome of the race. Reacting too slowly or too quickly will cause the cube to break into many pieces. So everything needs the right time to create success.


  • The game requires precision.
  • The gameplay is simple but captivating with new things that have never been discovered before.
  • Respond quickly to every situation.
  • Beautiful graphics with very realistic sound.

How to play

Use arrow keys.