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Build a defensive tower and prepare to defend your kingdom with Magic Merge: Tower Defense 3D game. Use available tactics and resources to defeat your enemies.

Magic Merge: Tower Defense 3D is an incredibly engaging platform game that can be played on web browsers including desktop and mobile devices.

Inspired by battles with military elements. The game is an arduous journey with the goal of protecting the castle and bringing peace to the kingdom against enemy attacks and invasions.

The player's goal is to protect the kingdom that is being attacked by evil and cruel forces. Expand your castle and territory, and unlock towers. Upgrade your defenses by engaging in strategic fusions to stop dragons, demons, and goblins.

Always prepare a fighting spirit regardless of circumstances, day or night, whether the weather is harsh or favorable.

Players have the opportunity to use available human resources to build towers. During combat, the energy dome can be activated to create a solid barrier.

Try to win battles to earn gold coins, unlocking access to advanced weapons.


  • Use the mouse to play and attack enemies.
  • To merge: Use the left mouse button to drag and move the towers.
  • Zoom in and out: Use mouse scroll.