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Orange is a game that dyes all objects bright orange using logic and intelligence. Complete the 25 levels of the game with your mind for endless fun.

Orange is a game that brings you endless fun with vibrant, trendy sounds and brilliant, bright but not dazzling graphics.

With the goal of successfully completing 25 levels of the game, use your brain to turn all objects appearing on the screen orange. This is not an easy challenge because each level has a different rule. Players must rack their brains find the rules and then complete the coloring of the picture.

The game requires carefulness in every action because if you do it wrong, you will lose time to do it again from the beginning. Therefore, meticulousness and thoroughness in each action an important factors for success at all levels.

At each level, there will be hints if you can't find the rules to paint the picture. Players can refer to it in case of need.


  • This is an attractive puzzle game. Stimulates thinking and brain development.
  • Fun music, bright colors.
  • Practice carefulness and develop problem-solving.

How to play

Use the mouse.