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Poor Bunny is an adventure of a bunny on a journey to overcome obstacles to collect carrots. Be the rabbit who owns the largest store of carrots.

Poor Bunny takes players to the world of rabbits. They are super cute but they also need to work to stay alive. Carrots are their favorite food, so finding a lot of carrots every day is a job that rabbits need to complete. Let's explore together the rabbit's journey of collecting carrots to know the difficulties and challenges that the rabbit has to face.

The world is filled with carrots

Carrots are an indispensable food for rabbits. We will see carrots appearing everywhere. From regular carrots to yellow carrots. Each type of carrot has a different economic value, but if you are lucky enough to collect golden carrots, your chances of increasing your score will be greater because 1 golden carrot is worth as much as 5 regular carrots. An extremely high value.

Bunny's mission

This is a game of skill, so Bunny also needs to have certain skills to be able to survive in a quite fierce world, with many traps, and a lot of competition.

Poor Bunny game has extremely difficult challenges. Obstacles and traps are spread out like a matrix. Overcoming challenges requires a super skill.

Bunny needs to jump over platforms and avoid obstacles and traps everywhere to collect carrots. Every action needs to be fast, accurate, and truly safe. Unexpected situations require quick reaction skills.

Unlock Bunny characters

Poor Bunny offers a diverse collection of rabbits. So collect lots of carrots for a chance to unlock these cute Bunny rabbits.

How to play

Poor Bunny has a simple way of playing, but mastering the skills and becoming a good player, takes time and daily practice.

  • Player 1: Use WASD keys to move.
  • Player 2: Use arrow keys.