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Train your hand and eye reaction skills in the fun game Become the glowing electric current with the greatest energy and win the crown. is an extremely interesting and addictive skill game, but conquering the game is extremely difficult because it requires professionalism, agility, and timely reaction when encountering obstacles. Smooth coordination between eyes, and hands and ability to take action. The game helps you divide your work scientifically between collecting bits and taking down opponents. is a game inspired by the snake game. The arena where the competition takes place is filled with glowing electric energy. Players must face other power lines and complete the goal of collecting energy crystals, destroying opponents, and becoming powerful.

To survive, the player must control the electric current not to rush into other players, not to rush into the border area, and not to rush into himself. You need to trap other players to rush at you so you can collect the best energy source. Eat them to gradually increase in size.

Keep fighting for the best energy source and become the king of electricity to dominate the entire electric energy system.


  • Continuously increase speed.
  • Good speed control.
  • Timely defense.
  • Create winding paths.
  • Go towards the leader.

How to play

Use arrow keys.