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Rocket Bot Royale is a fierce tank battle. Ensure survival, blow up opponents, and collect coins. Receive valuable rewards. And upgrade modern weapons.

Rocket Bot Royale is inspired by Battle Royale matches. Battle tanks with weapons will be the means for players to have the opportunity to challenge weight in a fierce arena.

Opportunity to be challenged with attractive game modes

Rocket Bot Royale offers 3 extremely interesting game modes: Solo mode, Squad Deathmatch, and Custom Mode. Each level will have its own extremely impressive characteristics. As a wise player, challenge your abilities in these 3 game modes.

  • Solo mode: This is a single combat mode. This mode brings freedom and comfort because you do not have to worry about the survival of your teammates.
  • Squad Deathmatch: This mode helps players join a team of 4 members and fight other teams. This mode requires concentration and teamwork.
  • Custom Mode: Players will create their own room and invite friends to join the battle.

Tips to conquer the game

  • Need to aim to shoot the target accurately. Depending on the situation, it is necessary to shoot into the ground to ensure life safety.
  • Need to equip necessary weapons before entering each battle.
  • Collecting weapons when fighting is essential for fighting and survival game genres.
  • Jump high to avoid falling into the water.
  • You should use 3 quick strokes skillfully and flexibly.

How to play

  • To move the tank: use keys A and D.
  • Aim and shoot: Use the left mouse button.
  • Change weapon: Use the Tab key.