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Diligently explore every corner to collect food with Snail. Move skillfully to overcome obstacles and devour all the food to advance to the next level.

Griffpatch has created the Snail game with charm and addictive gameplay. With unique intuitive control features, taking advantage of every space, every environment, and the snail's innate hard-working ability, the game has created its own mark and become a daily entertainment game for everyone.

In each level, the player must control the cute snail to move everywhere and overcome traps to collect all the food. The goal is to complete the level and explore higher levels.

The paths are very winding, the snail needs to speed up to be able to move faster. The game only requires ingenuity, patience, and hard work. So stay calm and comfortable to explore everything, enjoy the food, and listen to the cute sounds made when the snails eat food.

How to control

  • Move with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Extend the snail's neck forward by pressing the spacebar.
  • Reach up by pressing the up arrow key.
  • Retract into the shell or drop the body using the down arrow key.