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Prove your professional sniper skills with fierce battles in the Sniper Vs Sniper game. Be a sniper with the best skills in the world with immortal battles.

The game Sniper Vs Sniper will bring players into a fierce arena with mind-boggling battles between shooters. Here top shooting skills will be displayed in a majestic manner. Sniper shooting is one of the most difficult skills and requires absolute accuracy. Only extremely skilled snipers are capable of accurate sniping in complex terrain.

Arenas are large buildings. The opponent is on the other side and hides behind the walls. Players need to move quickly and reach the target if they find an enemy. Shoot bullets aimed at opponents accurately. Act first and be on the offensive instead of the defensive.

The player owns 5 bullets and a gun. Use them effectively to defeat your opponents and gain 100 health points in each match.

Passing simple levels, players will face more professional and cunning shooters. Implement a calm, confident, determined, agile, and precise strategy to shoot down your opponents.

Game Developer

Sniper Vs Sniper is a great product from Berezka. The game was researched, developed, and announced to the gaming world on February 29, 2024.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move.
  • Left mouse click to shoot.