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Stop Now is the continuous movement of the ball but need to know when to stop when encountering obstacles. Adventure and Complete 30 levels of the game.

Stop Now has a simple gameplay, but conquering all the challenges is not easy. The game provides players with difficult challenges that require high concentration and absolute precision. This is an exciting adventure that combines speed, reaction, concentration, and precise stopping times.

Role-play is a ball rolling on a road with many curves and countless obstacles. The goal is to roll the ball to the end of the road without colliding with obstacles. The ball and the obstacle both move, but the ball can stop and the obstacle cannot. Therefore, good control of the ball is the key to a successful adventure.

The pace in the game Stop Now is so fast, it can get you confused. But an iron and resilient spirit will help you control the speed. Observe the movement of the ball and the movement of obstacles, and click the mouse to stop the ball in time so that the ball does not touch the obstacle on the road.

Outstanding features

  • Graphics combining classic and modern create attractive gameplay.
  • Easy controls help players have a fun experience the first time they play.
  • Gradual difficulty combined with unique mechanics.

How to play

Use the mouse.